Why is there a MOQ (minimum order quantity) to order?

We try to have a balance between customers and our business model since we are very B2B and volume sales focused. Offering single units, in the long run, costs more money because we include almost all fees with our pricing. When factoring in stock, importing (tariffs), warehouse, order fulfillment, and warranties, we are able to provide our customers the attention to detail and the best mining rigs in the world.

We understand that the MOQ can be hard for some customers and new miners that would like to purchase our hardware and still have access to what we are able to offer.

If you’re interested in purchasing a single rig, you can check out https://minerdude.com which is one of our US vendor partners, or https://octominer.eu/ which services the European market.

MOQ Days, Giveaways, and Partnerships

We also provide additional opportunities within the crypto community for people that want to have an Octominer rig.

MOQ Days: Removing the MOQ once per quarter on scheduled days where the community is able to purchase however many units they would like without worrying about minimum order quantities.

Giveaways: We have relationships with a lot of people in the mining community and influencers who we collaborate with to do hardware and swag giveaways. On a typical giveaway, we will give away up to 6 rigs for free and multiple swag bags. 

Partnerships: Our partners allow the reselling of our hardware to specific regions around the world. These resellers do not have an MOQ and obtain all of their hardware from Octominer.

Updated on March 30, 2022
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