Becoming a reseller

When we talk to companies interested in becoming a reseller for Octominer, we want to make sure the relationship is a good fit. If you don’t mind answering, here are a few questions that would help us determine the next steps.

  1. What monthly sales volume do you think you would be able to sell? 
  2. Which models are you interested in reselling?
  3. Would you be able to provide your own support, or would you need our team to provide support for you?
  4. What type of facility and storage do you have available? Would you need us to dropship to your customers? Or would you handle the shipping?
  5. Typically, our minimum purchase for resellers is between 500-1000 units. Is that something you would be able to handle?
  6. Would you be setting up a new website to sell? Or would you be adding them to an already existing eCommerce website?

Please send us a new ticket or email to if you’re interested in becoming a reseller.

Updated on March 30, 2022
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