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X12 mining case


Coming Soon!

The Flagship


Looking for support for the X12ULTRA? Check out the link below to download the latest product brochure, BIOS, and troubleshooting guide.

  • Product Version: 3.0
  • Release date: November, 2021
  • Latest BIOS date: 1.1
X12ULTRA gpu crypto miner
X8ULTRA empty angled

Small But Mighty


As one of our newest products, we currently do not have any any BIOS versions since it supports the latest GPUs on the market. 

  • Product Version: 1.0
  • Release date: November, 2021
  • Latest BIOS date: n/a

Same Power, Less Footprint


We also will be releasing a smaller version of the X12ULTRA. Stay tuned for when we announce when it’s available!

X12 mining case

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X12ULTRA Bios 1.1
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