What power connections does the Octotank12 support?

Our system has 2x30A dual pole breakers installed. An input power cable will be installed to it. You will be able to select the cable type during the checkout process.


2x US 4 prong dryer plug NEMA 14-30, 60 ampers.
Standard US 4 pole dryer plug. 2 cables for maximum power. A single cable can handle a maximum of 7200W which is enough for most use cases.


4x EU Schuko (Type F, CEE 7/4 plug), 64 ampers.
Standard European cables. Connect up to 4 cables depending on th e ASIC models you are using. A single cable can handle up to 3840W. Recommended 2 cables for optimal connection.

Rest of the world – Custom

Please let us know what kind of cable you need if you are from other regions. We can provide any kind of custom cable s on request.

Updated on December 23, 2022
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