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Octominer & gpuMining Christmas Contest Giveaway!!!

We are back at it again with another contest for the community! This time we wanted to partner with a community that has been a big user of Octominer server rigs for some time. We reached out to Zn2Plus which is the main mod over at /r/gpumining to collaborate to bring you all an awesome and creative contest we think everyone will have fun being a part of. With over 84k subscribers, there is a wide variety of members that contribute and call /r/gpumining their home and favorite place to talk about crypto mining. We’re very thankful for the opportunity to continue to team up with such great people in our community!

This isn’t your typical contest where you blast everything on social media or submit your email address for a chance to win, no. We wanted this to be an experience and give everyone an opportunity that wants to be involved a chance to win!

We’ll be creating 6 threads with various topics. Each thread will have a prize of an Octominer rig model. Each thread will have a theme for a photo that the community will need to submit in order to enter the contest. After each submission period is done, we will create a poll and have the community vote on the winner of each thread for the specific photo. The post with the most votes will win.

The contest

It will be broken up into two parts:

Part I – Submitting photos and entering the contest

Starts Friday, 12/17
Ends Monday, 12/20 (at midnight)

The threads:

  1. Absolute Zero: Upload a picture of your farm with temperature monitoring. The coldest rig(s) win. No cheating! 
    1. Prize: X8ULTRA
  2. Dust Bowl: You filthy animals. The dustiest, dirtiest, filthiest rig(s) win this one.
    1. Prize: X8ULTRA
  3. RGB: Not Ruth Gator Binsburg. Provide a picture of your rig(s) in all of its LED glory.
    1. Prize: X8ULTRA+
  4. Against The Grain: We want to see the most unusual rig out there! Show us something *different*! Do you mine in the backseat of a Tesla? Is your rig mounted to the ceiling? Does the heat power your hot tub?
    1. Prize: X8ULTRA+
  5. Furballs: Let’s see a picture of your pet(s) and your rig(s) together! Cats curling up atop the warm exhaust, dogs standing guard, hamster wheels adding 2 Mh/s, etc.
    1. Prize: X12ULTRA
  6. Wish Upon A Star: No rig pics here, instead, show us yourself and where you’d place your rig if you had one. This thread is for the dreamers!
    1. Prize: X12ULTRA
  7. Octominer Swag Bag Bundle: Post a photo of your favorite rig and tell what your first gpu you used for mining! We we will use a random comment picker to select up to 10 winners from this thread! Please only one use account and no duplicate comments! If you are found cheating you will be disqualified!

Part 2 – Voting and announcing the contest winners

Starts Tuesday, 12/21 – Voting begins
Ends Friday, 12/24 – Voting ends at midnight (Christmas Eve)
Saturday, 12/25 – The winners are announced

After the entries are closed, the community will start voting on each of the 6 threads on their favorite photo. A poll will be created to collect the number of votes for each photo from each thread topic. Whoever has the most votes

What will we be giving away?

  • (10) Octo Swag Bags which include:
    • Octominer black tshirt
    • 2 Octominer stickers
    • 2 Octominer coasters
    • 1 Octominer magnet
  • (2) X12ULTRA High spec rigs
  • (2) X8ULTRA rigs
  • (2) X8ULTRA+ rigs – this is a brand new product we just released

Removing the minimum order quantity on for 3 days until midnight Monday, December 20th.

Use coupon code: gpumining for $25 off “per item” in your cart during checkout! Expires 12/26

Contest Rules

  1. Photos must be your own. To be a qualifying entry, each photo must include a piece of paper with your username legibly hand-written.
  2. This giveaway is offered to everyone worldwide, no purchase is necessary.
  3. Octominer will pay shipping and all duties associated with customs clearance. If your county is somewhere we don’t normally ship to, we will try to work with a shipping agent to get you your rig 🙂

Good luck with all of the contest entries, I look forward to seeing all the photos!


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